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The U.K.’s Best Surprise Entertainers


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Summer is the time of festivals, marriages, pool parties, company picnics and many more exciting events. But none of those events would be complete without the right musical entertainment that goes with it. Imagine a wonderful wedding reception that planned each and every detail, with the most expensive foods and drinks, lavish flowers, bridesmaids and much more but with the most awful music. This could well turn an otherwise great event into a disaster. Let’s be honest, with good music the rest isn’t even that important.

Now, when we look at musical entertainment for such festivities especially here in the United Kingdom, there is one clear trend in this is that surprise entertainment is currently all the hype. It seems to me as if almost everybody who wants to throw a party that is supposed to be remembered wants to hire one of those surprise entertainment guys.

You know, those singers and dancers that appear out of the blue and and start a performance. There is just a little problem with those surprise entertainers in the UK these days, most of them are really bad. It seems that a lot of inexperienced singers and students jump up on the surprise entertainment train as a way to cash in on the hype. In other words, if you want good surprise entertainers you need to look a little and shouldn’t just choose the first one you come across in the phone book.

Some of the best and most popular surprise entertainers in the United Kingdom today are The Singing Waiters. Those guys are different from many others since they have professional training and come from the best British music and dance schools. You can book the singing waiters for occasions like weddings or birthdays  to make sure that you get the best you can get they it comes to musical entertainment. But because of their professional training, the singing waiters can also be booked for classy events like corporate entertainment.

I have seen the singing waiters twice so far and I was always very impressed. There is a reason why the singing waiters are the best surprise singing waiters in the UK today and it clearly shows!